Hello, I’m Sarah. I’m a writer and consultant based in London.


What I do

I help bring brands and businesses to life through their words. I write websites, digital content, brochures and customer communications. I also create content strategies, help brands find their written voice and show people how to tell their stories.


How I can help you

I can show you how to listen to your employees, customers and business partners and help you find the best words for whatever you need to say.


How I do it

There’s a lot more to copywriting than putting words on the page. I like to get to know you and your business and to understand what makes your customers tick. It all starts with a conversation.

Listening By talking things through, listening to what you need to say and carefully reading everything you give me, I’ll build up a deep understanding of your brand, your reader and what you want to achieve with your writing.
Thinking I don’t jump in unprepared. I take time to plan the best route and I review and adapt this at every stage. This could involve analysing your existing digital content, helping you develop your content strategy and thinking about the language and tone of voice that best reflects your brand.
Writing The final step. And once I’ve written the first draft I repeat the process until it’s just right.


Who I work with

I work with brands and businesses either directly or in partnership with creative agencies and developers. Here are a few of the people I’ve worked with:


Who am I?

Photo of writer Sarah Farley

I used to run a diving school in the Caribbean, but gave it up to follow the dream: being a writer.

This may seem like an odd route into copywriting, but I learned to write for brands and businesses by working in business. As well as owning a successful dive shop for five years, I’ve worked for, and managed, other businesses from the shop floor to management board level. I’ve earned my stripes by working – and writing – my way up the ladder.

I’ve seen first hand how poor communication can lose customers, alienate employees and destroy promising business partnerships.

But I’ve also seen how great customer service can help a business thrive, how good writing can galvanise a team and how honest and open collaborations can help partnerships blossom.

My work and life experience helps me to write copy that’s human, honest and speaks directly to the person who’s reading it.



In my customers’ words

We couldn’t do what we do without Sarah. She’s one of the most organised, efficient, deadline- and budget-conscious freelancers out there. She’s an effective writer, eagle-eyed editor and incisive project manager. But she’s so much more than this. Having run her own business, Sarah understands business from the inside out. That means we can trust her to bring a fine-tuned awareness of the customer experience to the work she does for us, and to see beyond the micro project to the business as a whole.

Susannah Marriott, Professional Writing Academy


Super efficient; great attention to detail; able to pick up projects at the drop of a hat and deliver on time; all round professionalism when working both client- and agency-side — these are the reasons that Sarah Farley is one of the most sought-after writers and content curators at my agency Echosix.

Jonathan Lee, Echosix


In six years we’ve not found many copywriters who get it right. Sarah’s been getting it right for us all that time. She’s fantastic to work with: energetic, energising, hugely competent, creative but practical also. Unlike many writers she understands her reader, and can restore humanity to even the most intimidating corporate communications. She spots the things others miss, and yet gets an incredible amount done in apparently no time at all.

Thomas Heath, The Art of Explaining



How to find out more

I don’t keep examples of my work online, but I’m always happy to chat about what I’ve done for other people and send you my portfolio.

You can email at hello@sarahfarley.co.uk, call me on 07525 419401, or connect with me on LinkedIn.